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Committees Descriptions


COUNCIL:  Syosset Council of PTA's is a PTA organization made up of representatives from all ten schools (elementary, middle and high schools) and SEPTA within the Syosset School District.

DISTRICT:  The Syosset School District.

UNIT:  Baylis PTA Chapter.

*Council Committee.  A Baylis PTA member attends meetings and serves as a liaison at District-wide Council meetings.


ARTS- IN-EDUCATION*:  This committee is responsible for arranging and coordinating various cultural art programs throughout the school year to supplement the curriculum.   The chair also attends Council Arts-in-Ed Committee meetings with other schools.

AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR:  This committee works closely with the Baylis library media specialist to arrange for an author and/or illustrator of children's books to visit Baylis and meet the students.  The committee offers students a chance to purchase an autographed book from the guest author. 

BOOK FAIR:  This committee arranges two fairs during the school year.  Committee members work at the fairs where a variety of books are sold to students, faculty and parents. 

BUDDY PROGRAM:  This committee helps identify parents who may need assistance with English and provide them with a list of Buddies who speak their native language.  Committee members may meet with new families at Kindergarten Orientation and Newcomer's Reception.

BUDGET*:  Representatives of the Baylis Unit attend Council meetings to discuss and propose items on behalf of our school to be included in the School District's budget.  They are responsible for disseminating information.

BYLAWS*:  This committee notifies the Unit of changes to the National or District PTA Bylaws.  They review and amend the Unit's Bylaws every three years for ratification by the Unit.

CIRCUS: This committee arranges and coordinates Circus Week.  This annual Arts-in-Ed program allows students to learn circus tricks.  The 5th graders perform in a show.  The chair should be a non-fifth grade parent and must work with the gym and art teachers.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  This committee proposes and organizes various community service events such as food drives, Coats for Kids, blood drive, and other collections to benefit various not-for-profit organizations and needy individuals.

DIRECTORY:  This committee coordinates the collection of addresses and phone numbers  from the student body and prepares the school directory for free distribution to Baylis families. This committee also organizes the Art Cover Contest.

EARTH DAY: This committee teaches our children the importance of taking care of our environment and helps organize and Earth Day celebration for the school.

ELEMENTARY EDUCATION*:  The purpose of this committee is to provide a forum for parents to identify concerns relative to elementary education.  Issues are forwarded to District administration.  Representatives from this committee attend Elementary Education Council meetings and advise the Baylis Unit of all issues discussed.

EVENING OUT:  This committee organizes a major PTA fundraising event. The committee proposes and selects a theme for the evening, location of event, menu selections and solicits raffle prizes.  Parents, teachers, staff and parents of incoming kindergarteners are invited to attend.

FALL  PARTY:  This committee organizes a costume party for the entire family which is held on a Friday night close to Halloween.  The party includes entertainment by a DJ, baked goods and games.

FAMILY NIGHTS: This committee organizes fun-filled family activities for Baylis families throughout the year. 

FIELD DAY:  This committee designs and orders student, faculty and parent ordered t-shirts.  They also coordinate a special lunch and snacks and are responsible for water distribution tables during the morning events.  The chair works with the gym teachers to coordinate timing.

FIFTH GRADE BREAKFAST: This committee organizes the food and decorations for the fifth grade breakfast at the end of the year.

FIFTH GRADE GIFT:  This committee selects a gift to give the fifth graders.

FIFTH GRADE PARTY: This committee plans the end-of-the-year party for fifth graders at the school.  They organize food, decorations, entertainment.

FIFTH GRADE RECEPTION:  This committee should be made up of non-fifth grade parents.  They purchase food and drink and work at the reception held after graduation.

FIFTH GRADE FAMILY SOFTBALL NIGHT:  This committee organizes a Family Night. Activities are organized for all students.

FIFTH GRADE YEARBOOK:  This committee oversees all aspects of the yearbook including collecting photos, creating the design, overseeing sub-committees and the printer.

FUNDRAISING:  This committee, which is chaired by the VP of Fundraising, is responsible for various  fundraising initiatives that take place throughout the year. These include, but are not limited to, clothing sale, pre-order snack, seasonal events etc.

GIFTED & TALENTED*:  This committee's goal is to address the needs of above-average students with special talents in academics, art or music. 

HEALTH, SAFETY & ECOLOGY*:  This committee addresses health, safety and environmental concerns of parents, faculty and students.  The committee arranges for workshops, seminars and discussions on various issues such as eating disorders, bullying, lice, internet safety, etc.                

HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE:  This committee organizes a boutique providing students an opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for family and friends.  The boutique occurs during school hours and is held in late November or early December.

INTERNATIONAL NIGHT: This committee is responsible for organizing a hands-on, interactive experience where diverse countries and their traditions and cultures are represented. Baylis families and students are involved in contributing to the success of the event.

KINDERGARTEN ORIENTATION:  This committee organizes a two day orientation program for incoming kindergarteners held in the spring which provides introductions to other incoming kindergarteners, a school tour, stories, arts & crafts, and a bus trip around the neighborhood. 

KNOW YOUR CANDIDATE*:  This Council committee provides a forum for prospective School Board Candidates to present their views to the public.

LEGISLATION*:  Committee members attend District-wide meetings to learn about new legislation affecting the school. They inform the Baylis PTA about such legislation.

LUNCHES:  The Baylis PTA provides different lunch options for sale to students from late September through June.  The committees also coordinate parents who volunteer to help serve lunches

LUNCH SUPPLIES:  This committee is perfect for people who like to shop!  The committee is responsible for shopping for the paper products and any other items needed for PTA sponsored lunches.

MEN'S BOUTIQUE:  This committee organizes a boutique featuring various items for students to buy as Father's Day gifts.  It is held on a school day prior to Father's Day.

NEWCOMERS RECEPTION:  This committee organizes a social event to welcome parents that are new to Baylis (parents of incoming kindergarten students and parents of students transferring to Baylis).  Parents are given an opportunity to meet other new parents and PTA Board members.  The reception occurs before the first PTA meeting in September.

NEWSLETTER: This committee publishes the award-winning Baylis PTA newsletter, the Baylis Bugle. The newsletter is a vital communication link between school and home on local, state and national PTA news as well as activities within the school. Committee members will help write articles, take photographs, and coordinate their submission to the local media, in addition to updating the Publicity board located in the school.

NUTRITION*:  This committee organizes events throughout the year such in order to raise awareness of good nutrition.  The chair also attends Council Nutrition Committee meetings with other schools.

PARP (Parents As Reading Partners):  This committee runs a reading program that encourages adults reading with children and organizes all of the components for the program. This committee may work with Baylis educators to develop a cohesive, hands-on program.

PRESS CONFERENCE*:  This committee meets twice a year and formulates questions and concerns for submission to Syosset School District Administration and the Superintendent of Schools. The committee solicits questions and concerns from Baylis parents regarding Syosset schools as a whole.  Issues specific only to Baylis are addressed by the school Principal.

REFLECTIONS*:  This committee runs a contest sponsored by the National PTA.  Each year, a theme is chosen and students from all schools in the District are invited to submit an entry in one of four categories:  literature, visual arts, photography or music.  Judges choose winners from each school in each category.  Winners move from county to state to national competitions. 

SCHOLARSHIP COMMUNITY MAILING*:  This committee organizes the direct mail portion of the fund drive and distributes posters in September. All funds raised grant college scholarships to outstanding Syosset High School students.

SCHOLARSHIP THEATER JOURNAL*:    This committee organizes the direct mail solicitation for an ad in the Theater Playbill.  Each school is responsible for obtaining five ads. (January-March)

SCHOLARSHIP THEATER PARTY*:  This committee publicizes and organizes ticket sales for the SHS Senior Play in March.  Committee members sell tickets at Baylis and one night of the performance.  (February-March).

SCHOOL BOARD REPORTER: Representatives from this committee attend Syosset School Board meetings and inform the Baylis PTA about issues discussed at the meetings.   The chair is responsible for writing an article in each Baylis Bugle newsletter.

SCHOOL & COMMUNITY*:  This committee addresses concerns of parents, faculty and students about events happening in the community that affect the schools within the District.  The committee studies issues, gathers and disseminates information about topics like protection of ground water, proposed Cerro-site Mall, location of new cell towers, etc.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES:  This committee coordinates this fundraiser in early spring.  The pre-packaged back to school supply kits contain the school supplies requested for the students by the teachers.  The committee helps with the coordination and distribution in June.

SEPTA*:  This committee works with parents, faculty and students to address concerns and issues related to the needs of special education students such as gifted children and those with occupational, speech and physical therapy needs and disabilities such as autism, ADD, reading issues, etc.

SPRING BOUTIQUE:  This committee is responsible for creative ideas for a sale which allows students an opportunity to purchase items for their mothers, grandmothers, aunts or other special women in their lives.  The one-day sale occurs during school hours a few days before Mother's Day.

SPRING FEST CARNIVAL:  This committee organizes a carnival for the whole family which is held at Baylis on a Saturday in the spring.  There are games to play, raffles, and food for sale at this PTA fundraiser.

STAFF RECOGNITION LUNCHEON:  This committee provides the Baylis faculty and staff with an end of the school year luncheon.

WAYS & MEANS*:  This committee raises money to subsidize programs for District-wide Council programs.

WEBSITE:  This committee will help develop and maintain our new Baylis PTA website.

WELLNESS*: This District-wide committee promotes awareness and sponsors prevention programs for wellness issues such as AIDS, substance abuse, etc.