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5th Grade Activities

The fifth grade students will be participating in many moving-up activities and will be receiving several “graduation gifts.” Among these are a year-end party, a color yearbook, a sweatshirt, a DVD, a fifth grade breakfast, as well as their t-shirt for Circus.

In order to accomplish these events and create lasting memories for our children, a contribution will be required for each fifth grader.

We will be doing a few 5th Grade fundraisers to offset some of the costs for our activities.. Stay tuned and when we do have these fundraisers please participate to help the class of 2018.

The Baylis PTA yearbook committee has already been busy at work and excited to put together a wonderful yearbook for our kids. We need your help!!! Over the next few months you and your children will be asked to contribute to the yearbook by various members of the yearbook committee. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!